Nissan Navara (2005-2015) Review

Where the Navara shines:

  • Work/life balance
  • Easy driving experience
  • Powerful, strong engines
  • Plenty of high-spec models available

Recommended for:

  • A family pick-up
  • A first pick-up truck
  • Balance of comfort and sturdiness
  • Outdoor and leisure pursuits

TMC Says:

"It’s easy to see why the Navara continues to be one of the UK’s favourite pick-up trucks after all this time."

The Nissan Navara can possibly call itself the original ‘lifestyle pickup’ – and despite being introduced right back in 2005, it’s testament to its quality that it still remains one of our best-selling.

Way back in days of yore, pick-up trucks were distinctly utilitarian vehicles - designed to withstand tough, working lives on farms and workplaces across the country. But today, buyers want so much more than that. What’s wrong with having a car-like driving experience, and what’s wrong with having the creature comforts you might expect in an executive saloon? The Navara was possibly the first pick-up to catch on to this, and it’s the Nissan’s ability to straddle that gap between workhorse-like durability and fashionable comfort that, in itself, is what still sets modern pick-up trucks apart from their agricultural ancestors.

And the Navara continues to do this well – offering what’s arguably the easiest, most car-like driving experience in its class. Add to this a choice of two strong diesel engines with class-leading levels of power, and you’ve got a capable, reliable workhorse that’s as easy to live with as it is to put to work.

A payload capacity of 1,073kg and towing capacity of 2,590kg combine to make sure that the Navara continues to mean business as a traditional pick-up truck. Whilst, with selectable low-ratio four-wheel-drive, it’s set up to cope with the tougher off-road terrain when needed.

So perhaps the very definition of a ‘lifestyle pickup’ is best illustrated by the modern day Nissan Navara, one of the most family-friendly pick-up trucks on today's roads. With Nissan’s powerful, capable diesel engines and switchable low-ratio 4-wheel-drive, the Navara can still cope properly with towing, tough off-road terrain and as hard a working life as it ever could. But it also stands out as a stylish, imposing presence on the road. It has an interior and driving experience that balances working capability with the quality and creature comforts of today’s most demanding buyers. So the Navara is certainly a lifestyle pick-up if there ever was one.

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Engine sizes and power:
2.5 dCi 4-cylinder diesel with 190bhp
3.0 dCi V6 6-cylinder diesel with 231bhp

Cab sizes:
Crew, double


Towing capacity:

Selectable 4WD

Models of note:
Top-spec Tekna models are the ones to go for if you’re after all the toys