Nissan Navara (2016-Present) Review

Where the Navara shines:

  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Efficient, strong engines
  • Strong towing capacity
  • Lots of kit on higher-spec models

Recommended for:

  • A family pick-up
  • A first pick-up truck
  • Balance of comfort and sturdiness
  • Outdoor and leisure pursuits

TMC Says:

"We love having the new Navara in stock. Not only is it an even more capable workhorse, but even more refined to drive as well."

The previous Navara had a long run of being one of the leaders in its class – a modern pick-up that was a capable working machine, and yet exploited car-like characteristics when it came to driving. So, how does the new Navara build on these already strong foundations?

With great success, that’s how. The original Navara was reassuringly easy to gets to grips with on the road, and the new model builds on this further to become more ‘car-like’ than ever before. In particular, it benefits from the addition of coil-spring rear suspension. This gives the new Navara much more composure on the road, allowing for an even more refined and comfortable driving experience. Its engines have also been updated to Nissan’s proven 2.3 diesel units. These offer power and torque on par with the older 2.2 dCi engines from before, but are much more fuel efficient – with significantly lower CO2 emissions, coupled with a respectable 40.3mpg on the combined cycle.

When at work, the 2016 Navara is as capable as ever. Payload is 1,047kg on a double-cab Tekna model, for example, but jumps up to a more-than-useful 1,221kg on lower-spec king-cab models if this is your main concern. Meanwhile, its towing capacity has been increased to 3,500kg – bringing this generation of Navara in line with the strongest in its class in that respect.

Inside the Navara’s cab, it’s the quality of the materials and convenience of features such as the 360-degree reversing camera – fitted to higher-spec models such as the Tekna – that really stand out. It’s a good balance between comfort and hard-wearing durability, and one that fits in well with the Navara’s ethos of combining work, family and leisure with ease.

In summary, the newer Navara continues to do everything even better than its predecessor did – improving on the formula whilst not losing site of its fundamentals as a rugged workhorse. The competition from other manufacturers has stepped up a gear since the Navara’s last re-design, but this is one vehicle that still looks set to stay up there as one of the leaders in its class.

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Engine sizes and power:
2.3 dCi 4-cylinder diesel with 187bhp

Cab sizes:
Crew, double

1,025kg to 1,221kg

Towing capacity:

Selectable 4WD

Models of note:
Top-spec Tekna models are the ones to go for if you’re after all the toys, such as Nissan's impressive 360-degree reversing camera system