Volkswagen Amarok (2011-2020) Review

Where the Amarok shines:

  • Premium quality interior finish
  • Composed and refined ride for its class
  • Good residual values
  • Badge prestige

Recommended for:

  • A luxury pick-up truck
  • Comfortable family motoring
  • Balance of comfort and payload capacity
  • Outdoor and leisure pursuits

TMC Says:

"We love the high-quality finish and refinement of the Amarok. Its mix of quality, durability and prestige means it holds onto its value well."

It’s tempting to say Volkswagen isn’t a brand you’d associate with hard-wearing pick-up trucks. But its roots are quite literally as a ‘car for the people’, and the company has - in decades past - produced other pick-up offerings in the form of the Golf mark 1, the LT van, and even with their classic Microbus as the Kombi pick-up.

But these days Volkswagen has built more of a premium-brand image for itself, and whilst that might make a working pick-up seem less likely - it does mean its most modern offering, the Amarok, also gives us as much of a premium-brand experience as the rest of the VW range of cars.

The interior fit and finish of the Amarok particularly stands out. It has a plush, refined feel that really sets it apart, and yet expertly combines this with a level of tough durability that’s still needed for a working vehicle. It remains capable off road, and has a generous payload of well over a 1,000kg for when it’s time to go to work - yet handles in a refined and settled manner when on the road, making it an ideal family pick up.

The Amarok saw big changes from 2016 onwards - moving on from its already capable 4-cylinder turbo diesel power plants, to a range of V6 diesels. If you can stretch to it, it’s well worth the extra outlay for what are smooth, powerful and sturdy engines. There’s even a 258hp version, that gives the Amarok a serious shove and can take you to 60 mph in under 7 and a half seconds!

And whilst ‘badge prestige’ may not be high on your radar, it’s worth considering its effect of residual values. Look after your Amarok and you may find it holds onto its value very well, rewarding you when you come to sell.

The Amarok is a superb choice as a working vehicle. But if it’s comfort and refinement that are particularly important to you, and you’re in the market for a used pick-up truck, then Volkswagen’s Amarok will certainly be something you should seriously consider.

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Engine sizes and power:

2.0 TDI 4-cylinder diesel with 140hp
2.0 TDI 4-cylinder diesel with 163hp
2.0 TDI 4-cylinder diesel with 180hp
(From 2016) 3.0 V6 diesel with 204hp
(From 2016) 3.0 V6 diesel with 224hp
(From 2018) 3.0 V6 diesel with 163hp
(From 2018) 3.0 V6 diesel with 258hp

Cab sizes:
Double cab only

1,030kg to 1,146kg

Towing capacity:
3,000kg to 3,100kg

Selectable 4WD

Models of note:
Highline models offer top-of-the-range specifications such as heated leather seats, satellite navigation rear parking assistance.