The road to peace of mind

Here at The Motor Company, we’re confident in the vehicles we sell. But we also understand the need for complete peace of mind when changing to an unfamiliar vehicle - and that’s why we’ve partnered with Crystal Clear Warranties.

We offer only their highest “Diamond” level of cover, to offer you almost complete reassurance on the road ahead.

No excess to pay on a claim
No limit on your total number of claims
An individual claim limit of up to £3,000

A £3,000 claim limit is unusually high compared to what you’ll get from other dealerships, which often put this limit nearer the £500 mark - our warranty really will protect your vehicle and your finances in the event of a claim.

The Diamond warranty will also cover you for diagnostics, and is underwritten by us at TMC. This means you're not dealing with a third party to recover your costs - making the whole process easier and faster.

With cover starting from just £199, no excess costs to pay on claims, and coverage periods of 3, 6 or 12 months available - you can relax in the knowledge that parts and labour can be taken care of in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure.

Here are some of the warranty highlights of what's covered with a Diamond level warranty:


Cylinder block / crank / pistons
Cylinder head / gasket
Inlet / exhaust manifolds
Core plugs
Hoses / pipes / mountings
Oil seals

Fuel system / engine management

Fuel pump
EGR valve
Oxygen sensors
DPF pressure sensor
Glow plugs
Pipes / hoses

Electrical system

Alternator / starter motor
Air bag system components
Central locking components
Heated front / rear screens

Transmission / drivetrain

All parts in transmission casing
Driveshaft / CV joints
Wheel bearings
Gearbox mountings
Linkages / cables / pipes

Braking system

Brake calipers / Wheel cylinders
ABS pump / module
ABS wheel sensors
Parking brake motor
Brake pressure sensor
Hand brake cables
Brake pipes / hoses

Steering (including power assisted)

Rack / pinion
Power steering pump / motor
Track rod ends
Steering angle sensor
Boots / gaiters
Pipes / hoses


Coil springs
Shock absorbers
Anti-roll bar links
Wishbones / bushes
Hoses / pipes / boots

Heating / cooling system

Radiator / heater matrix
Water pump / thermostat
Air con condensor
Air con compressor
Pipes / hoses
Heater control cables

From pumps to pistons, head gaskets to hoses - apply for your warranty as soon as possible after purchase, before it’s too late. And enjoy peace of mind on the road ahead.