The 5 Most Economical Used Pick-Up Trucks in the UK in 2021

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The top 5 most economical used pick-up trucks in the UK in 2021.

We scoured the internet with one quest - to find the five most fuel-efficient used pick-up trucks money can buy in the UK today. Here’s what we found out.

Life isn't easy in recent times. So if you can run your pick-up truck as efficiently as possible, save money on diesel and still enjoy the pleasures of driving a powerful, modern and capable truck - that's a good thing.

But which pick-up trucks promise the best economy? To find the most fuel efficient trucks, you’re going to need to do your research. Luckily for you, we’ve given you a bit of a kick-start here. We’ve trawled through a huge number of online fuel economy figures, to try to find the UK's most fuel-efficient used pick-up trucks on sale today.

So, how does our top 5 work?

We ranked trucks simply by the online figures available for combined-cycle fuel economy. That is, the official fuel economy that comes from a controlled mixture of urban driving and motoring on the open road. Put simply - the more miles-to-the-gallon a pick-up claimed for the combined cycle, the higher it ranked. Only when two or more vehicles had the same figure, did we then look at their performance in urban and extra-urban (i.e. open road) environments to decide which one would come out on top.

But first, there needs to be a level of understanding here. We're only looking at the official fuel economy figures provided to us - and not figures we've experienced ourselves over long-term use. So whilst these figures provide a useful starting point - and may indeed be very accurate - it's never going to be an exact science.

Your best fuel economy figures will also vary by how you're using your truck. If you're regularly carrying heavy loads, towing, travelling off-road or sitting in urban traffic jams - then your fuel economy will be hugely different compared to motorway miles with a comparatively small payload. As would be the case with any used vehicle.

For the purposes of making our investigation a little more manageable, we also laid down a few ground rules. We haven't included any pick-up trucks over about 12 years old, and have concentrated on the UK-market only - so there will be no imported or older vehicles included here. We've also concentrated on double-cab pick-ups only, and - where possible - have stuck with manual gearbox versions (although we had to make an exception for engines that were only available with an automatic).

But anyway, that's the ground rules set out. So, without further ado, here we go.



According to the online fuel figures, here are the top five UK used pick-up trucks that offer you the best fuel economy in 2021:



2.4 D-ID 151bhp

Urban: 37.2mpg; Extra-Urban: 49.6mpg; Combined: 44.1mpg

The most eco pick-up according to our research


2.3 dCi 158bhp and 2.3 dCi 187bhp

158bhp: Urban: 40.3mpg; Extra-Urban: 46.3mpg; Combined: 44.1mpg

187bhp: Urban: 38.2mpg; Extra-Urban: 47.9mpg; Combined: 44.1mpg

The pick-up with the strongest blend of power and economy according to our research

3: 2019- FORD RANGER

2.0 EcoBlue 170PS/168bhp

Urban: 39.2mpg; Extra-Urban: Figure not available; Combined: 40.9mpg

4: 2017- ISUZU D-MAX

1.9 TD 162bhp

Urban: 37.2mpg; Extra-Urban: 42.8mpg; Combined: 40.4mpg